Friday, December 24, 2010

That Dusk (Sreekumaran Thampi)

The original song and lyrics are available here
How can we forget, Darling,
The pristine marks left by that dusk?
How can we forget, Sweetheart.
The brief throb of our first meeting?

The jasmine like star, sung open
By the heart of the pink Western sky.
Waves upon waves of clouds blow by
Whispering the sweet delight of a hug.

When the light from your shy glance
Pulsed in the flower like star.
And when the clouds rubbed together
How we rose up like twin waves.
How can we erase those images?
Immaculate one, how can we forget?

The zephyr that sought and bowed
To the thirsty Spring, worn by the valley.
The flock of birds that wove and swayed
Like a pretty chariot car of desire.

In that romantic wood, where your laughter
Burned bright in every bloom.
And where, when the birds sang,
We became two loving feathers afloat.
How can we erase those colors?
Oh beautiful one, how can we forget?


  1. Kuttiyetta,
    Great work of translation- I would say it gives a fresh look at the poem with additional imageries - not that you are adding 'material' to the original poem. It gives me more to visualize. Keep it coming.

    I still remember the translation you sent me a few years back on "Onamathinkal KiTavo". Do you have it with you to post?

    For others' knowledge - Kuttiyettan has translated the Thirukkural and I think we have to force him to put it out there as a blog!

    Merry X Mas!


  2. Kuttyetta,

    Saying "Brilliant" would be an understatement.
    Good to see that you have started a blog.
    Best wishes and good luck.
    Wishing you a Very Happy New Year.
    Hoping to see many more pages here in 2011 itself.


  3. Wow, wow, wow!!! Translating Malayalam into English is never easy, and yet this stands out!!!!