Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Morning Star (Kumaranaasan)

Come awake, hurry,
Sweet singing little song birds.

Come awake and observe the world,
Redolent darling buds.

Come from under your mothers'
embracing wings, fantails, and sing.

Lift your heads, swiftly, lotus blooms,
From your cool bed of water and sway.

Darkness is leaving the lower sky
And colorful silk flags are going up.

Friend to all the worlds, the compassionate,
The hero of the day has arrived.

For you: one nation, one tongue,
One Deity and one community.

Come children, seek unity and
Swiftly welcome the parade.

Are these not the generous words
Of the effulgent rising morning star?

Is this not what he proclaims when he
arrives, wearing a spray of silver rods on hand?


  1. Thank you, VMK & Ajay, for this great beginning!

    The original source in Malayalam is here.

  2. Thanks for the link ViswaPrabha. I've provided that as a link from an image of ആശാന്‍ പദ്യകൃതികള്‍